hey goalgirl - you're almost ready to start the hustle. here's the last chapter of the culture book with some more in depth information about the finances and the cc contributions. but first: go down this checklist!



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then here are some more things to learn about the cc:




we differentiate between core team projects and cc projectscore team projects are directed by lea, helmut or kaddie. They build a team of smart creatives from the cc to realise the campaign. Just like any lead girl, they will have control over the budget. cc projects are autonomously run by the lead girls of the co-creagency. we're only deducting the agency fee - but where does that go?

projects at the co-creagency have a 22% agency fee (2% of the agency fee are for social impact / cc contributions if brands agree) which is going directly into the rent of the space, the facilities and covers the wage of the two cc employees: tina and rina. that means you are a self-sufficient company and the core team is covered by their own projects and revenue streams. 

this agency fee is deducted or put on top of the campaigns we're running. this depends on wether the brand has set a budget or wether we're proposing our own. so if you're working on a project of the CC, you are making sure to keep the space alive, while being able to put a price tag on your own work - all without compromising the impact of the campaign. that is a tricky thing to do sometimes. that's why annika and helmut are always on your side to help you with budgeting and bureaucracy. 

the core team run their own projects, cover their own fees - or have to be included in the budgeting of the cc project in case you need help from them!




we'd love for all the goalgirls to do sales and bring in their amazing projects to be backed by our strong community. if you have a project in mind that you need support with or have talked up the CC at a networking event and made great contacts, here's how you can bring in your own project:

1. contact kaddie or annika via slack to see if it's a match for the agency

2. let them know if you are planning to be the lead girl of the project or if you'd just like to pass it on the community

3. discuss the reward for your sales effort - you can put a price tag on it if you're the lead girl but you can also get a bonus % of the project when it happens

what's the advantage of bringing a project into the community?

1. you're not alone in the game anymore - you have a whole agency behind you that will help you with the project and that is a great selling point!

2. we're pretty good at pitching for bigger budgets - maybe something that started as a small collaboration could become a large scale project

3. you can discuss the financial reward for bringing the brand into the community

if you have questions about the process: contact kaddie or annika and they will help you out. we're planning to run sales workshops soon, so we can all bring in revenue!



what are cc contributions?

while the use of the space and resources at the co-creagency is free, we ask the community to give some love back to the womb. we call it 'cc contributions' and ask for a minimum of 15 CC credits to be collected every month. cc contributions are things you can do to help the co-creagency thrive (or keep the womb in check). They are internal gigs that are rewarded through the extra profit we made as a company. every month we will fill the 'CC contribution bucket' with a part of the profit to reward the tasks also financially. we will announce paid contributions that are priority in the upcoming month - you can apply via Tina to take the lead.

important: cc credits are just a bonus system and not meant to be a source of income for you - we just want to keep a steady flow of social impact and community work and reward it whenever we can!

what are cc credits?

cc credits are like an internal currency for the work you do for the community. since it's almost impossible to track the value of your work in time, we have come up with the CC credits system - it's basically a value we assign to each of the task in relationship to each other (e.g. taking photos at an internal event is 15 credits, DJing too!)

if the task you have in mind as a contribution is not on the list, you can contact tina and propose a value which she will sign off for you. 

the credit alone does not have an exact € value - it is dependant on the profit we made. tasks get paid according to it.

check out a list of cc contributions measured in cc credits here.

how do you record contributions and credits?

you can find the shared spreadsheet document the contributions you've made here. You can put down your first and last name and list the CC credits you've collected every month. if you don't know what to write down - get in touch with tina!

it is all a bit beta still, so the system will develop over the next year. be patient with us and thank you for piloting! 

how do i make money with

cc contributions?

if a cc contribution has external value b (like a photo shooting or DJing at one of our GG parties) you can contact Tina and she will try to reward you from the CC contribution bucket - the bucket will vary in size every month, depending on how much profit we made. we will announce the size of the bucket at the beginning of every new month, so you can submit your ideas or respond to Tina's call for contributions in the slack channel.

what happens if i haven't collected the minimum 15 credits at the end of the month?

Tina is keeping a close eye on the drive of the community and will contact you if you have been inactive for a while. we will not deactivate you from the community right away but we will try to follow up and see why you have not been able to join in on the fun! we value all kinds of contributions - so make sure you show some love every once in a while! you can also transfer CC credits from one month to the next.


let's make social impact the new thing

and new work the hell out of it






stay persistent, get yourself involved, take what you need to get what you want. if you want to make things happen there are three main people you should contact about it.

use slack direct messaging to propose your ideas.

1. tina - let her know your ideas and she can direct you to the right person. this will either be:

kaddie - if tina thinks your idea should be turned into a reality, make sure you send all the info to kaddie. let her know your intentions, if she doesn't respond you head right over to:

annika - she will push for it to become a reality and determine if we have the resources right now to make it happen

one of the best things about our community is the endless opportunities we have - to curate amazing events, host workshops, teach each other - but also to bring our vibes to the outside world. that's why this year we will focus on building an external event series in addition to our internal events. just like with any other cc project: you can take complete ownership of it and we will support you with finding sponsors and partners you need to turn a profit. if you have ideas and want to get involved - go, go goalgirl!

it's all new for us, so be patient

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